Domestic abuse and child abuse happen in our communities to people of every age and ethnicity.

Whether you are a survivor, a family member, or a community member unaware of these crimes, we all need to know what these issues are and how we can support those who have experienced them. Then we can empower survivors, encourage bystanders, and prepare our communities to end the violence.

How to support a victim of abuse:

1. Believe them if someone tells you they have been abused.

2. Assure them that it was not their fault.

3. Tell them you are sorry it happened.

4. Provide a safe environment for them to talk when they are ready.

5. Seek assistance from an advocate who is trained. Give the survivor the Crisis Line
number to call. 1-800-383-2988

6. Remind the survivor it’s important for them to make their own decisions.

By supporting a victim, they can be safe and get back on their feet.

Let’s all work together to end violence by modeling a non-violent world. After all, domestic  abuse is 100% preventable.


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