Staff often see change through numbers, surveys and reports we collect. When we asked them, “but how do you really know?” this is what they said:

two mentees smiling



“The smile on a child’s face.” – Cassie, Mentoring




“A parent said that because of the Life Skills class on tobacco that their child went through, the child came home and convinced the parents to stop smoking. Both parents quit!”           – Geri, Prevents youth tobacco use

“A mentor shared how her mentee trusts her and shares everything— boyfriends, sexuality, school, getting along (or not) with siblings, and being part of a weird family. Without her mentor, the youth feels she’d be in foster care, pregnant, or using drugs.”        – Kathy, Mentoring

Have you seen or heard of a positive change because of something a volunteer or staff person has done? We’d love to hear your evidence of positive change in the comments below.

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