She is an educated woman, from a good family, with a job, and secure future. Never thinking she would end up in an abusive relationship. They have been married for 19 years and have two children together. A law enforcement member of the local DART (Domestic Abuse Response Team) provided her with our safety packet and explained to her how an advocate from Helping Services’ Domestic Resource Center could help survivors like her stay safe.

She reached out to us and I offered my support and safety planning along with resources within the area. These resources included a deposit so she could move out of town and into her own place. We were able to help her with groceries so she and the children had food on the table as well as a gas card during this transition. The abuser puts the blame on her for his actions and controlling behaviors. She mentioned to me that, “the worst part is he blames me for his behavior, telling our children that if I cared about this fami­ly I wouldn’t have called the police on him.

“Since he’s been in jail it has given her time to think about his controlling behaviors and how it was intolerable while also seeking counseling. She began undertaking activities that have helped her relax. She has asked that I be at the trial hearing to help her get through the process as it can be a very long and difficult one. She hopes oth­ers can get out of similar situations before it’s too late. “Such a decision can be hard but taking a positive step towards a better life is certainly worth it.”

If you have a friend or acquaintenance that needs help, visit this page for resources or call our Resource Center Line at 800-383-2988.

Reprinted from Fall 2017 Newsletter

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