Kiss-A-Rat Canister

We are excited and impressed with the fourth grade students at St. Patrick School.

They are sponsoring the 9th annual Kiss A Rat Contest, calling this year’s the Monumental Mission Minded Marathon.

One of our board members, Pastor Tom Buresh, has been selected to be in the running to win a chance to smooch a rodent–and raise some money for the work and people we serve here at Helping Services.

The winner of this year’s Kiss A Rat Contest will be the clergy person that raises the most money for their mission cause. They’ll get to personally kiss a pet rat from the 4th grade classroom OR choose one of the other contestants to kiss a rat.

You get to be involved too. Vote for Tom by placing money in his labeled jars.

You can also donate by sending a check made out to Helping Services of NEI to Tom at:

Tom Buresh, 365 Hwy 9, Waukon, IA 52172

 You’ve got until Saturday, April 6th to vote for Tom (or another clergy. We don’t want to be too competitive or pushy.)

Look for the Kiss A Rat Jars at:

Special thanks to the St. Patrick’s 4th graders for sponsoring a great event and encouraging such creative philanthropy.

Another special appreciation for Pastor Tom Buresh for his willingness to kiss a rat.

A final note of thanks to Pastor Tom’s wife for allowing her husband’s to bestow such affection on a rodent.

A note from St. Patrick’s 4th Grade Students:

“Please remember, in this Monumental Mission Minded Marathon, ALL ( 100%) of the money raised in each contestant’s jar will go directly to the mission they have chosen as their cause, so be generous and vote often to support some great mission projects!”

Pastor Tom with the St. Pat's 4th graders.


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