CPPC is a statewide initiative to improve the effectiveness of the many wonderful programs that exist to help protect children and prevent the social conditions that put children at risk. Essentially, it creates a common ground and unified approach to keep kids safe.
CPPC is based on four strategies: Neighborhood Networking, Shared Decision Making Teams, Policy and Practice Changes, and Family Team Meetings.
Research has found that when these four strategies are utilized in social programs, there is greater effectiveness. That’s why they created the CPPC initiative. It is not another program working to provide a service, but rather an incorporation of these strategies in existing agencies and programs:

  • Howard County Library in Riceville changed hours to give kids something to do before football games on Friday nights. (Policy and Practice Change)
  • CPPC helped fund Guttenberg’s Creativity Center, and after school program where kids can have fun doing art. (Neighborhood Networking)
  • Howard County CPPC helped fund the Howard County Family Fun Fair, an event that connected families with area agencies and resources. (Neighborhood Networking)
  • CPPC helped fund public awareness campaigns such as the Pinwheels for Prevention, a project where pinwheels—(a whimsical reminder of childhood play—were placed in public locations during April, Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month. (Neighborhood Networking)

All of these ideas were discussed and moved upon at the monthly Shared Decision Making Team meetings. If you have suggestions about community events or initiatives, this is the perfect venue to share them.

CPPC is a way for community members and local agencies to work together. It is open to anyone who wants to make their neighborhoods safer and more nurturing for kids.

  • Parents, Guardians, Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • Business Owners
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Concerned Citizens
  • Students

CPPC groups are located throughout Iowa. The local coordinator, contracted through Helping Services for Northeast Iowa, serves Howard, Allamakee, Winneshiek, and Clayton Counties.

Monthly Shared Decision Making Team meetings are held in each county. The times and locations of the meetings change from month to month, so for more details about upcoming CPPC meetings in your area, visit Helping Services’ calendar of events.


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