For some families, life has its ups and downs, but is manageable. For others, life has been complicated and hard, with cycles that are unhealthy and difficult to break. Those cycles can either continue or, with your help, can be interrupted.

In the next three blog posts, we’re taking a look at the correlation between substance abuse and child abuse through the life of a child, Cindy.  We’ve broken up her story into three parts to help you understand what this connection is, why it’s important to care, and how you can step in and help out.

Cindy’s story can have many different endings. We hope you will find yourself ready to be a part of a positive solution and interrupt the cycle for Cindy’s family or other families that you may know.

Part 1 The Concern | Substance Abuse and Child Abuse

Part 2 What if You and I Don’t Care?

Part 3 How Can We Step In?

Review of the ACE Study Research

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