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Helping Services’ mission sometimes feels bigger than our resources can meet. Fortunately, many committed community members share the local vision of a healthy, violence-free future. They support our programs using their connections, skills, and desire to make a difference in the tough issues our services address.

Jamie-Hoey This sense of purpose and community betterment is certainly true of the wonderful individuals on Helping Services’ board. Board Secretary Jamie Hoey joined the board of directors because she wanted to support an agency that focuses on youth and families. Jamie’s previous experience in foster care, courtrooms, and with the Department of Human Services, underlie her commitment to insuring that parents have access to resources that help make parenting, “the hardest job in the world,”a little easier. Jamie enjoys getting her own family involved, too. For example, they volunteer with her at Holiday Lights.


The board chair-elect, John Rodecap, learned about Helping Services through the mentoring program and as a member of Postville’s St. Paul Lutheran Church Council. John feels much can be gained by reflecting on the needs of neighbors, acquaintances, and his community. He saw how Helping Services works to meet those needs and chose to be actively involved. John provides a thoughtful perspective on the board’s financial committees, and he volunteers at Holiday Lights and other special events. With characteristic modesty, John downplays his big contributions, saying he enjoys doing “my small part if possible.”

With funding uncertainties and busy staff schedules, we rely on people like Jamie, John, and you, who share their time and talents. The mission is attainable because local people get involved in preventing substance abuse, want domestic violence victims to have 24/7 help, and care about kids having positive, supportive relationships.

________________________________________________________________ Originally published as part of Prevention Spring 2014.

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