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Because giving youth a role model and friend is so important, Youth Mentoring at Helping Services is taking an entire month to celebrate their mission and invites you to join in. To do this we are proudly participating in the 14th annual National Mentoring Month. This celebration raises awareness of mentoring in formal and informal ways in hopes to add more mentors, youth, and supporters to the mentoring mission.   

The Radio Declares Mentoring Works

Mentoring staff have many exciting events planned for January. To kick-off the month, community supporters are encouraged to listen to the local radio stations. During these community shows listeners will hear about the exciting happenings in mentoring at Helping Services and will be invited to get involved. We hope you’ll tune in.

  • KMCH 94.7 on Friday, January 2, for the Guest of the Day segment
  • KDEC AM 1240 on Thursday, January 8, for the Our Town segment
  • KVIK 104.7 FM on Wednesday, January 14, for the Arleen Soltow Show

The County Declares Mentoring Works

During the first week of January, the Boards of Supervisors will sign proclamations in each county. The proclamation serves as a legal document that “proclaims” that  mentoring has SIGNIFICANT VALUE. This time is used to share who we are and how mentoring has affected us, giving the Boards of Supervisors a brief look at the positive impact of mentoring. The Boards of Supervisors appreciate seeing many supporters at these signings. We strongly encourage mentors, mentees, parents, advisory committee members, Helping Services board members, and friends of mentoring to attend and show their support for our mentoring programs.

Displays Declare Mentoring Works

Check out these “be someone who matters to someone who matters” exhibits as they provide information about mentoring and how to get involved. Mentoring will be on display at:

  • Cresco Library
  • Community Savings Bank in Manchester
  • Decorah Library
  • F & M Bank in Manchester
  • Manchester Library
  • Ossian Library
  • Our Savior Lutheran Church in Manchester
  • Postville Library
  • Regional Family Health Clinic in Manchester
  • Waukon Library
  • Widner’s in Manchester

Local Businesses Declare Mentoring Works

We thank the businesses who are challenging their patrons to “be someone who matters to someone who matters” by using table tents during January. If your businesses or employer believes in the mission of youth mentoring, please print off and use these table tents.

The State Government Declares Mentoring Works

National Mentoring Month will conclude with Mentoring Day on the Hill, which will be held on Thursday, January 22. Mentoring staff, mentors, mentees, and mentoring supporters will travel to the state capitol in Des Moines to interact with legislators, sharing our stories and passion for mentoring. Please contact Ellen or Kathy if you wish to participate in making your voice heard by legislators about the important role of mentors and their impact on youth in your district.

YouTube Declares Mentoring Works

During each week in January we will be releasing a video on YouTube about the ins and out of Youth Mentoring. With the help of Luther College students and several mentors and mentees, we’ve created these videos to better explain why someone would want to be involved in mentoring either as a youth or volunteer mentor. You can share our Mentoring Works video series with your friends and family.

You Can Declare Mentoring Works

At the time of this post twenty-three youth are waiting for a mentor. You can help connect a youth with a role model by giving people you know a Youth Waiting Card.  These cards list the interest and ages of each child on our waiting list. You probably know–or are–somone who shares those interests. Encourage them to become a mentor!

Print off these cards for to invite people in your county to think about becoming a mentor.

Happy National Mentoring Month!

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