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Ambassador for Mentoring Badge-01Sometimes you set a goal that stretches you beyond your comfort zone, and it is exhilarating when you reach it. That is what is happening with Mentoring Programs at Helping Services.

In mid-September, 22 community members called Mentoring Ambassadors, from Allamakee, Delaware, Howard, and Winneshiek Counties, set a goal of recruiting 50 mentors by January 31, 2014. Helping Services is proud to announce that not only has that goal been reached, it has been exceeded. A total of 58 mentors have been recruited with five from Allamakee, 35 from Delaware, three from Howard, and 15 from Winneshiek. Mentoring Ambassadors worked hard to reach this ambitious goal. They held social events, distributed table tents, invited speakers to be at their civic group meetings, wrote letters to the editor, and talked with friends, neighbors, and co-workers to encourage them to become involved in the lives of young people in our communities. Mentoring Ambassador Les Askelson shared,

“Congratulations to the Mentoring Ambassadors in fulfilling this great achievement. Thanks to the mentoring staff and all the great people at Helping Services for their help and cooperation in meeting this goal. It is very exciting that now so many kids will get to spend time in the mentoring program. This truly shows there is a need.”

The momentum will continue. For adults pondering if this is the right time to get involved, it sure is. For parents considering getting their child involved but had heard there is a waiting list, call now. Helping Services is ready and excited to connect positive role models to local youth. Norman Borlaug 027 Mentors spend approximately 4-5 hours with their youth each month. Mentors and youth participants receive support during their year-long relationship through planned events, trainings, and communications by staff experienced in guiding others. For more information on how you can become involved in Youth Mentoring at Helping Services, contact the team.

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