As we said before, the impact of 40 years of service has not only been due to the hours staff invest, but also because of locals like you talking about these social concerns, attending events, supporting financially, and sharing our services with others.

We recognize how unique community backing like this is, and we’re excited to continue providing services worthy of this support for another 40 plus years.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can join us in continuing the mission in year 41.



  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month- Bring your pet to the Pet Walk on October 13, run/walk in the 5K on October 22, hang posters, or host a presentation.
  • Host a donation drive to collect diapers, cleaning supplies, non- perishable food, and gas cards.
  • Volunteer for child care at a parenting event.


  • Adopt a family for the Resource Center’s Christmas Giving Project.
  • Visit Holiday Lights. 
  • Run/walk in the Holiday Lights 5K.



  • National Mentoring Month- Become a mentor, sponsor an event, or encourage a friend to become a mentor.
  • Host a presentation at work about the health benefits of responsible substance use. 


  • National Teen Dating Awareness Month- Talk with youth about safe dating and respectful relationships.
  • Celebrate Through with Chew Week. Give up chewing tobacco.
  • Try out a local coalition meeting. 


  • Attend a Beverage Server Training to understand alcohol laws and prevention ideas.
  • Bring a team to the Mentoring Bowl-A-Thon fundraising events in Manchester, March 22 and in Decorah, TBA. 


  • Child Abuse Prevention Month- Plant a pinwheel garden, hang posters, host a presentation.
  • Make an annual gift to the Emergency Housing Fund
  • Alcohol Awareness Month- Attend a local town hall event or talk with a youth about the dangers of underage drinking.


  • Celebrate World No Tobacco Day. Adopt a nicotine-free workplace policy. 
  • Re-evaluate your organization’s policies to make sure they do not blame victims of abuse and do use best practices for employees that have substance abuse concerns or disorders. 


  • Host substance-free graduation parties. 
  • Talk with City Council members about restricting alcohol in public spaces and at community events.
  • Call to see what furniture the transitional houses need donated for Resource Center clients.
  • Attend a parenting class.

Note: Many of these ideas can be done during any month by individuals, groups, or businesses.


We fundraise to fill budget gaps and stay afloat when contract holders delay or cut funds.

Thank you for meeting our goal of $212,000. Help us raise $266,000 this next year.



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