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Navigating the Roads of Life— Helping Teens Learn to Manage Stress

By Jen Stolka | “My chest feels tight. My mind bounces from one thought to another. My palms are sweating, and I cannot seem to shake these feelings of being overwhelmed,” shared a local teen when asked what happens when … Continue reading

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Oral Screens for Upper Iowa University Were a Success

By Katie Kust, Intern | As part of “Through With Chew Week,” on February 18, Helping Services sponsored free oral screenings for students and faculty at Upper Iowa University. Dr. Stephanie Beesecker from Sumner volunteered to conduct these screenings which … Continue reading

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Spit Out Tobacco, for the Last Time

By Tessa Willie | To help you quit using tobacco, contact Quitline. You may be eligible for eight weeks of FREE nicotine gum, patch, or lozenge. Quitting has benefits, no matter how long you have been using. Quitline Iowa wants … Continue reading

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PARENTS: Help Your Teen Enjoy Fun, Safe, and Drug-Free Gatherings

By Carol Hopp | Parents play a major role in their children’s choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. In a survey to parents and teens from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, one-third of … Continue reading

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Calmar Promotes Healthy Lifestyles Makes Trails Tobacco-Free

By Tessa Willie | The next time you think about using tobacco of any kind on the city trails in Calmar, resist! The Calmar City Council voted in favor of the health of Calmar citizens by making all city trails … Continue reading

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Attention Parents:  Check your Facts about Pot

By Jen Stolka | You can’t get addicted to pot. Smoking a joint doesn’t hurt you – WHAT??  This is what our kids have shared that they believe. We must stop this way of thinking before they try marijuana, experience the … Continue reading

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Using SBIRT for Substance Abuse Prevention Improves Overall Health

By Carol Hopp | Alcohol abuse or dependence costs the U.S. economy $185 billion each year.  This is more than double what the USDA recorded was spent on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously known as the food stamps program, … Continue reading

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Try to “Weed” through the marijuana messages out there!

By Carol Hopp | Society is always changing directions in terms of what is acceptable and what is not. We hear about the best ways to raise our children, the best plan to make healthcare affordable for everyone, and the … Continue reading

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Ways to Stop the Deadly Trend of OTC and Prescription Drug Abuse

By Jenny Stolka | Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs are increasingly abused because they are available and easily accessible to all ages. If each of us takes the opportunity to educate ourselves, we can begin to affect this progressive, scary, … Continue reading

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Is Drinking and Driving Our Only Concern

By Carol Hopp | Selling or serving alcohol to someone who is or appears intoxicated is illegal in Iowa. But denying someone a beverage is far from easy. Intoxicated people can become intimidating, aggressive, argumentative, and irrational. However, the decision … Continue reading

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