Helping Services 2014 Annual Report

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3rd Annual Pet Walk in Cresco to End Domestic Violence


By Trish, Bilingual Advocate |

Domestic violence has been in the news quite frequently these past few weeks. Some of our neighbors are also victims of this crime, and their pets can be threatened by violence, too. Seven out of ten pet-owning victims of domestic violence who seek safety in a shelter report that their abuser also threatened, injured, maimed, or killed their pet. Their abusers did this to seek revenge or to control the victim. Continue reading

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2014 Domestic Violence Awareness 5K


Be part of a community that doesn’t tolerate domestic violence and supports families affected by it. Wear purple, and join us for a friendly walk or run to raise awareness.
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Reflections on Ray Rice and Domestic Violence

By David Runyon, Executive Director |

Football is a tough contact sport. We expect the players to inflict a lot of hurt on the guy across the line. We also expect them to leave it on the field. When a player is in the community, with their family and friends, or on a date, we expect them to be gentle giants.

Many of these weekend warriors are just that. Some are not and recent media coverage of Ray Rice and his violence toward his wife Janay causes many to wonder how this could happen. But it does happen often, quietly and locally. You probably know people who experience it behind the closed doors of their home—out of sight and not heard. Continue reading

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Clayton County 4-H Club Donates School Supplies for Families in Domestic Violence Situations


When we picked up this donation of 14 backpacks loaded with school supplies, Tammy Muller, Clayton County Youth Coordinator (pictured above), was so proud of the Clayton County 4-H clubs who put together the bags. Eight youth, who are part of the Green Team, put out a request to all of Clayton County 4-H to be part of this project. These backpacks will be given directly to the children of the clients we serve through our Domestic Abuse Resource Center. Continue reading

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Thank you Lydia Circle of West Union, Iowa

By Teresa Dehning, Volunteer Coordinator |

The Lydia Circle of West Union United Methodist Church organized a project to help victims of domestic violence and their children. The Circle along with other church members donated a total of $496 worth of items to clients of the Domestic Abuse Resource Center at Helping Services.

The Lydia Circle of West Union United Methodist Church organized a project for Helping Services Domestic Abuse Resource Center. Margaret Anderson (circle president) Sue Snively, Lois Underdahl, Doris Kleppe, Pat Schuchmann, Mona Whitver and Ann Samek.  Continue reading

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Brand New Online Domestic Violence Awareness Training to Be Released September 2014

Online Domestic Violence Awareness Training by Helping Services-01This September, for the first time in the State of Iowa, the Domestic Abuse Resource Center at Helping Services for Northeast Iowa will present the 30-hour Domestic Violence training for community members and professionals in a flexible, convenient online format. This online training will use engaging video, real life scenarios, and interactive elements to help you understand domestic violence as well as our responsibilities as a culture to react, serve, and support victims of this crime. Continue reading

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Ryan City Council to Post Signs to Reduce Underage Drinking

The Delaware County Drug Abuse Coalition (DDAC) and Helping Services for Northeast Iowa encourage communities in Delaware County to take a stand against underage drinking. Everyone can help prevent this concern by being positive role models to underage youth and by reducing youth access to alcohol.

The Ryan City Council is also taking a stand. After talking with DDAC at their June meeting, they have decided to place signage in the Ryan city park warning against providing alcohol to minors. Their decision shows a strong commitment to obeying alcohol laws, keeping their community safe, and ensuring that the park remains a great place for community members and their families. These signs, provided by the DDAC and Helping Services, will remind community members of the Iowa alcohol laws, encourage them to be positive role models, and help keep the park a fun, friendly place for people of all ages. Helping Services for Northeast Iowa’s project is funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health, through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Continue reading

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Fayette County: Why the Signs? Find a Sign, and Enter to Win.

By Stacie M. Schroeder, SPF SIG Coordinator |


The Concern: Youth Access | The Law | The Solution | The Contest: How to Enter to Win

It’s the season of softball, family reunions, river tubing, and grill outs. Along with these summer festivities often comes the beer coolers and with that youth access to alcohol. Continue reading

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Will You Help Us Raise $28,000 During June?

JUNE 30 UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who gave this month. We came just under $6,000 short of reaching our goal for the 2014 Fiscal Year. Now on to achieving 2015 Fiscal Year’s goal!

As we’ve shared with you before, our funding comes from a variety of federal, state, and local sources. However, these funds don’t make up our total budget. To pay all of our bills and still provide quality programs to everyone we serve, we must raise the missing dollars.

To meet the annual goal*, we hold various fundraisers, like Holiday Lights. We’re extremely thankful for the people in the community who donate or hold their own fundraisers to support our mission.

As of June 1, we must bring in a remaining $28,000 to complete this year’s goal. Our staff, volunteers, and the people we serve appreciate your help. – Thank you.

Here’s the progress

You can give online through the form below, or send a check to Helping Services, P.O. Box 372, Decorah, IA 52101.

Donate Now

*Our annual goal runs from July 1 to June 30 each year.

Note: Our management and general costs last year were 6.2% of the budget. This means the services you care so much about receive 93.8% of your gift. Donations made may take a day to show up on the progress chart.

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