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Upcoming Minimal Facts Trainings in May and June 2014

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Earlville Partners with DDAC and Helping Services to Reduce Underage Drinking

By Jodi Tegeler |

Delaware County Drug Abuse Coalition (DDAC) along with Helping Services have been working for months with local city councils to identify the best ways our communities can regulate alcohol use in public places. Why? To keep alcohol out of the hands of minors and reduce underage drinking.  The coalition encouraged city councils to take a look at community places where minors can easily get alcohol and to make changes to reduce that access.  Continue reading

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Invest Our Children, Grandchildren, and Community’s Future

StartStart here to see how families in Northeast Iowa can navigate pivotal moments from birth through adulthood to lead a healthy, successful life.
We are here to help.

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Prevention Spring 2014 | A newsletter to keep clients, supporters, staff, and volunteers connected

Healthy children, families, and communities is not just a one-agency mission.  It’s a cause every person and group in Northeast Iowa understands and can be part of.

For decades, people have sought out Helping Services for assistance for themselves or others. In turn, we reach out to individuals and organizations to address these needs and to work together to accomplish a common goal: to make Northeast Iowa a healthier, safer place for children, families, and adults.  The ongoing efforts to build that environment has been and continues to be a community endeavor relying on local passion and action. Together we’re making this mission a reality. Continue reading

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One Couple Starts Life-Changing Teen Hangout in Delaware County

By Jody Tegeler |


In your pre-teen and teenage years, where did you go to relax, get to know your peers, or run off some energy? In Delaware County during the early 90s, teens didn’t have such a place. Merlyn and Linda Farrand, who currently serve on the Delaware County Drug and Alcohol Coalition, realized back then that the communities around the county were lacking a safe and drug-free place for youth to go. So in 1992, they founded the Franklin Street Underground Youth Center (FSU for short) in Manchester. The community has gotten involved, and now the New Life Assembly Church oversees carrying out the mission of the center: to maintain a place where physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of youth can be met in a drug, tobacco, and alcohol-free environment. Continue reading

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Grassroots Action Starts It All

By David Runyon |

Executive DirectorAt each stage of the agency’s development, we have been inspired, guided, and nudged by impassioned, mission-motivated people. This has resulted in a community-based organization operating on the energy and vision of individuals and groups within the neighborhoods we serve.

In 1970 parents and professionals acted on their concerns for the health and safety of teens. They started a crisis line, then an information center, and then a recreation center. Continue reading

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My Unexpected Opportunity

By John Kelly |

John Kelly-01My wife and I are both nurses. We’re originally from the Clermont area and moved here in 2010. In our work, we serve people from all backgrounds. Exposure to this diversity has deepened my compassion for my neighbors. As a nurse, neighbor, and friend, I can personally connect people to services that encourage healthy lifestyles and relationships to help them prepare for hurdles that come. Continue reading

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How This Group Keeps Families at Mission Center

By Katie Becker |


It’s 10:45 on Tuesday morning, 15 minutes before the Clayton County CPPC meeting starts, and the crew is already busy planning for the upcoming spring and summer. The table, full of eager faces glowing in the mid-morning sun in the Family Resource Center office, discusses a grocery list of projects they hope to offer children and families. Each suggestion comes with a discussion about what families have time for, what kids will be willing to do, who can help meet the need, and of course, ‘kids these days.’ This is a common sight in this county: a table of five, six, or seven, throwing out ideas, contacts, and needs. There’s always a problem to tackle and at least three projects on a waiting list. Continue reading

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Board Members Use Expertise to Meet Needs

By Deborah Jacobi |

Helping Services’ mission sometimes feels bigger than our resources can meet. Fortunately, many committed community members share the local vision of a healthy, violence-free future. They support our programs using their connections, skills, and desire to make a difference in the tough issues our services address.

Jamie-Hoey This sense of purpose and community betterment is certainly true of the wonderful individuals on Helping Services’ board. Board Secretary Jamie Hoey joined the board of directors because she wanted to support an agency that focuses on youth and families. Jamie’s previous experience in foster care, courtrooms, and with the Department of Human Services, underlie her commitment to insuring that parents have access to resources that help make parenting, “the hardest job in the world,”a little easier. Jamie enjoys getting her own family involved, too. For example, they volunteer with her at Holiday Lights. Continue reading

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