• I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help, my kids have been happier in the past two weeks than in the last two years. I know I can do it on my own with all the support that I have from family and friends.

    Domestic Abuse Client, Howard County

  • It took me a long time—actually years—to get the courage to leave, wondering how I would support my kids and if I would get outside support emotionally. I felt trapped. I don't know if I could've made it through what I've gone through without your help.

    Domestic Abuse Client


  • The Life Skills program is full of essential information that keeps the students engaged while building their self esteem. They learn the skills to make good decisions and resist peer pressure, advertising, drugs, and tobacco. As teachers, we feel that all students benefit from her excellent delivery and the content of this program.

    Third Grade Teacher
    Eisenhower Elementary School

  • After learning about their [Helping Services] mission, I found that they were doing for communities exactly what I wanted to see being done - working in different ways to assist children and adults in having skills for happier and more productive lives.

    Dick Graham
    Past Board President

  • Thank you for coming into our classroom to discuss the harmful consequences of tobacco. We appreciate your time and commitment to educate us on the dangers. The pig lungs were very interesting, and the tar jar really showed us how disgusting cigarettes can be. Thanks again.

    6th Graders and Mrs. Mauss
    Postville Schools

  • I learned things about my children that I never knew—and I consider myself a well-informed, very involved parent. Their being able to discuss some of these issues and then spend time with us immediately following was very beneficial. Thank you.

    Strengthening Families Class Participant, Dubuque County

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