Warning: Alcohol Use in Public Spaces

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    Many local city councils have identified that an effective way to regulate alcohol use in public places is to post policy and law signs. These signs remind people to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors. These signs are the city government's way of stating: underage drinking will not be tolerated.
Give your child alcohol?

The mandatory server laws at bars, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores do not apply to public spaces, so parks and recreation areas are easy places for youth to get alcohol. City councils are encouraged to take a look at community places where minors can easily get alcohol and to make changes to reduce that access. Preventative restrictions can range from total bans on alcohol consumption to limiting the time or location of alcohol use. For example, your community could establish a distance between alcohol use and playground equipment, or require a city permit to have alcohol at a gathering. Whencommunities put these restrictions in place, they stand against irresponsible alcohol use, saying, “It is not okay to provide alcohol to a minor, because there is no such thing as a ‘safe place’ for underage drinking. The legal drinking age is 21 for a reason.”

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