• Event Time 9:00 am-2:30 pm
  • Event Start Date October 18, 2017
  • Event Location Northeast Iowa Community College, Calmar Campus, Wilder Business Center | 1625 Highway 150 S. Calmar, Iowa

Register for the October 18th Transportation Summit!  Community agencies have pulled together for this important event (including our own Stacie Cooper, Transitional Housing Advocate).  The summit should provide a great opportunity for the community to get together to learn more about transportation in our region.  Hopefully some of the presentations and discussion from the summit feed conversation around potential strategies businesses, organizations, communities or the region could take to improve transportation for NE Iowa residents.  In the very least, it’s an opportunity to network with others that see transportation as an important element in building a strong region.

A schedule for the day is on the Facebook Link

Registration page is here.  In the payment process you will be prompted to mail your fee of $25 in (unless you are a student, presenter, or free guest).  For your convenience, here are those details:

Please make your $25 registration payment out to:

Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
325 Washington St, Decorah, IA 52101

We’ll send you a confirmation email with a page you can print & mail along with your payment after the registration form is submitted.

Where will your money go?

Any proceeds from event registration will be incorporated back into the community through donations to Wheels for Work (a car ownership program designed to help eligible individuals and families purchase an affordable and dependable vehicle for work transportation and provides interest-free loans) and the EARL Public Transit Crisis Fund (a short-term transportation solution for crises to help individuals stuck between a rock and a hard place, the fund helps domestic violence survivors get away, helps the homeless by providing transportation for that time between homelessness and the first paycheck, and more).


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