Our services are changing, but we're still here for victims to get help and to start healing.

Staff and volunteers will continue to provide support and advocacy 24/7 for those whose lives are touched by domestic violence. But now, we will serve victims and their families in Bremer and Chickasaw Counties in addition to Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, and Winneshiek. With this addition comes a big change: Our services will soon only focus on domestic abuse. By September 30, 2013, our sexual assault services will shift over to Riverview Center.

Check back for more details of this change and how you can be part of its success. Meanwhile, continue to use and refer our services just like before. We are here to help. Need to talk? Call 800-383-2988.

For more in-depth details regarding these changes, please read the transition letter.  

Help get these services out to those who may need them. 

Resource Center Crisis Line cards

Download Crisis Line Cards

Domestic-Abuse-Resource-Center-Tear-Off  Download a Tear Off

 4 Ways you can make these services available

  1. Keep a Crisis Card in your wallet.  | You’ll be ready to hand it to someone who may need to talk with an advocate.
  2. Hang up a Tear Off at work. | Wherever you see a bulletin board or restroom stall, ask permission to hang up this important poster. 
  3. Volunteer in your county |  Extending our service area to these two new counties will take more manpower. The volunteer team takes on all sorts of different tasks. Whatever your comfort level and availability, contact Teresa, and she will work with you. 
  4. Donating is another easy way you can help. | This is a great option especially if handing out materials is comfortable for you or you don’t have time to volunteer.

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